Secure best TLC for your pup in your absence

Personable Pet Care provides care and love to your furry baby when you aren’t able to be there. We consider your beloved pup as part of our family. Our highly trained staffs provide wide range of pet care services, including pet sitting, overnight pet sitting, dog walking and potty breaks in Celina. Our team of experienced pet sitters and dog walkers has a professional background in animal care and well-being. Our pet care professionals are insured, bonded and certified in Pet CR and First Aid by Pet Tech.

Pet sitting
When you are away from your pup for some reasons, don’t feel worried, consult our pet care professionals who will stay with your furry friend in your absence. Our experienced pet sitter gives food, fresh water, extra TLC and takes your pup for walks so that they feel calm and relaxed. Our pet sitters also provide home care services, including watering indoor and outdoor plants, mail & newspaper retrieval, changing lights, turning on or off TV and radio. With pet sitting, chances of your pets getting infected from fleas, ticks, parasites and other infectious diseases are also eliminated and they remain healthy too.

Overnight pet sitting
When you are not there to cuddle up your beloved furry friend, don’t feel guilty, our experienced overnight pet sitters are there for day and night care. Our pet care professionals will provide fresh food, water and take your pup for walks after dinner. Pet parents can choose our best deal and packages as per the needs of their pooch. With overnight pet sitter being at your home, your premise becomes safer and secure too.

Dog walking
We provide dog walking services to your beloved furry friend when you are at work or out of your home. Walking is important for the mental and physical health of the dogs. Regular walks keep the pooch healthy and decrease the risk of their destructive behavior. Our experienced dog walkers will take your pooch for routine walks to boost their health and fitness.

Potty breaks
Potty breaks are significant for the physical health of your furry friend. Our experienced pet care staff will take your dogs out in fenced yard for breathing in the fresh air where they can stretch their legs and relieve pee and poop. We provide potty breaks service for all dogs, bet it the grown up pets or puppies. Potty breaks are approx. 15 to 20 minutes of duration. Pet parents can choose potty break timings as per their ease. In addition, we provide late night potty break services from 8.30 pm afterwards.

For more information about pet and home care services, consult our highly skilled and experienced staffs in Celina.