Hiring a Dog Walker in Frisco

Jan 24, 2017


          Here are some great reasons to hire a local dog walker in Frisco.

Is your dog in a funk? When is the last time he had a good long walk ?  This can prove to be a challenge in a household where two people are working full time!It has been proven that a dog walk helps keep your dog in the best health possible, not only physical health but mental also. We can help by providing a dog walker in Frisco.

1- Behavior –  Less walking leaves a dog in the home all day with lots of pent up energy! This leads to you walking into a house at the end of the day and finding Fido has chewed apart the end of your sofa or chewed up your favorite rug! A tired dog makes for a good dog!

2- Health – Not only do people suffer from obesity, so do dogs!According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention an estimated 53% of dogs were overweight or obese in 2015.That extra weight can lead to diabetes and heart disease.  This is most common is dogs ages 5-10 and more prevelant in indoor dogs. A daily dog walk can put your dog on the road to better overall health!

3- Peace of Mind – I hate the thought of my dog being home all day with no activity or what if you are running late from work? You will have the peace of mind knowing that your pet has not only had some physical activity that day but also has had some love and attention from our amazing Frisco Dog Walkers!

4- Stimulation – As people, we know the importance of seeing new things and being around others. Are you surprised to learn that dogs need this also! New sites, sounds, and smells are stimulating to your animals senses. Our Frisco dog walkers will make sure that your pet is getting all of these on a daily walk.

This is where Personable Pet Care Comes in! We have trained Dog Walkers in the Frisco area that can eliminate this worry for you! We offer frequent walking discount packages too so everyone wins! Your dog gets walked more frequently and you save money!