If you’d like to set up a consultation with us, please call our office to schedule a time for us to meet you and gain access to our online registration process. Once you receive your user name and password, please complete all the information requested to secure your consultation date and time. The consultation is a 30 minutes to 1 hour in length for us to provide information to you about our company, to complete paperwork needed to care for your pets, and for you to sign a contract and vet authorization form. At the consultation we will make sure we are a good fit for you and your pets needs. You can help us out by being as detailed as possible in the registration information. Consultations are free of charge if we have 48 hours notice. Less than 48 hours notice will incur a $10 fee. In addition, if your first service with us is less than 5 scheduled visits , there is a $20 consultation fee. or you may pay for 5 visits and we’ll credit what’s not used at the initial time of service to use a later date. We do require payment for your first service at the time of booking the appointment or at the consultation.


Prospective clients must call our office at 469.252.4780 to inquire about dates and services or email us at info@personablepetcare.com.

Existing clients can go directly to our site, click on Book Services Online, sign in with user name and password and book services online. You will receive a confirmation email from us within 24 hours of booking and a confirmation email 48 hours prior to services rendered. If you are experiencing trouble booking your services online, please call us directly at 469.252.4780. If we are with pets at the time of your call, it will be returned within the same business day if call is made prior to 6:00 P.M.


We appreciate at least 2 weeks in advance for non-holidays and 4 weeks in advance for holidays when scheduling services, but we understand last minute booking/changes occur and the need for flexibility. You can schedule services on-line up to 48 hours prior to services. If you need services in less than 48 hours, please call or email and we will try to accommodate you if our schedule permits. Services booked in less than 48 hours notice will incur a $15 late booking fee. If your plans change and you need to cancel, you may cancel on-line or by calling. You must cancel prior to 48 hours before your scheduled service. If canceling less than 48 hours before your scheduled service, there will be a $15 fee. If you have already paid for services, the $15 fee will be deducted and the rest will be applied as credit to your account for you to use on future services with us. We do not refund or credit visits for late departure or early return. We will waive the late booking fee if you are returning late and need additional pet sitting visits. Our pet sitters are flexible to keep your pets happy and well taken care of until you arrive home.


For new customers, payment will be due at the time of initial consultation. Payment can be in the form of cash, check credti card, or PayPal (Make all checks payable to Personable Pet Care.) For all customers, payment must be made prior to services rendered. You will sign in to our secure online booking site to schedule your services and you then you have two payment options.1. You may request your credit card be billed or 2. You may mail a check payable for the amount due (plus any gratuity) to Personable Pet Care. If payment is not received prior to service, you may incur a $25 late fee to be added to your invoice total. Any tips you wish to leave may be added on to the check, left in cash, or requested to be added on to your credit card. All tips will go directly to your pet sitter.

Dog walking package clients will pay for each month on the 1st of the month. If you decide to cancel service for a particular day, we must have 48 hours notice or you will be charged a $15 cancellation fee. If you cancel prior to 48 hours of the visit, we will credit the walk for the following month. However, please note: dog walking packages are at a discounted rate. If you cancel >3 days with the “Fanatical Fido” package, you will not receive credit beyond 3 days. If >2 days are cancelled with the “Frolicky Fido” package, you will not receive credit beyond 2 days. If >1 day is cancelled with the “Friendly Fido” package, you will not receive credit beyond 1 day. The following month you can return to your package so long as you do not exceed the maximum number of cancellations. **A holiday does not count as a cancelled day. (If you are taking a vacation we CAN put your package on hold until you return)


We care for most indoor pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, birds, fish and small reptiles. If you have a pet not mentioned here or a questionable type of pet, we may or may not be able to care for it. Contact us to inquire.


We can visit your home up to (4) four times per day during our hours of 6:00 A.M. to 10:00P.M. seven days a week. Our pet sitting visits last 30 minutes for dog/cat households and 20-30 minutes for cat households only. During this time we will follow the care of your pet(s) and home as agreed upon in the contract of our initial consultation. Morning pet sitting visits are from 6:00 A.M. to 9:00 A.M. and evening visits are from 5 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. Puppies should not be left longer than their age in months. For example, a 4 month old puppy should be let out every 4 hours minimum. Our minimum number of visits per day for dogs is two, usually done in the morning and in the early evening. This is for the comfort and safety of your pet. For cats and other small animals we recommend twice a day or once a day if they are open fed and depending on your unique situation. For dog walking clients, visits are scheduled within 2 hours windows between 11 and 2pm. For example you may choose the 11am to 1pm window. Our dog walking packages offer 30 minute visits on routine days of the week. If you’d like added peace of mind about your loved one, we can stay overnight in your home with your pets. For more detailed information, check our services page.


Pet Sitting is a premier pet care option for your family pets. We will always have the pets best interest in mind when caring for them. For this reason, we will NOT care for pets that must be crated during the day and at night UNLESS they are used to this and this is your normal routine with them. (We require 3 visits per day if this is your normal routine) If pets must be contained, we prefer having them in a closed off area such as a bathroom or other area of your choice so they are free to move around and have a change of scenery from day to night. We have this policy in place for the utmost comfort and care of the pet. In addition, we will NOT allow pets to be left outdoors in extreme weather conditions. If temperatures are to exceed 100 degrees or colder than 33 degrees (freezing), we will NOT leave them outdoors for the overall safety of the pet in mind. A pet sitter will use their best judgement for other extreme weather conditions. We are not held liable if client requests pet to be left outside in the yard.


For the care of your pet, please provide us with access to the location of your pet’s food, treats, toys, leash, litter, and cleaning supplies. If critical items are not provided, you will be responsible for reimbursing us for any supplies we must purchase and our time involved in purchasing those supplies.

For the care of your home please provide us with two keys to keep on file, alarm codes, location of breaker box, water shut off, instructions for lights, curtains, T.V./radio, newspapers, mail and trash. If anyone else is expected to make visits to your home please inform us.


It is our policy that dogs must be on a leash at all times unless they are in your enclosed fenced yard. For your dog’s safety and the safety of other people and animals it’s best to keep even the most well behaved dogs on leashes. Under unfamiliar situations, the unexpected may occur and we want to limit this from happening.


We understand how difficult it is to leave your pets behind and that is why we will update you on how your pet(s) are doing while you’re away. We will happily leave you messages, send emails, and pictures, or phone texts. You can call to check in on them too! When you return, please contact us. We need to make sure that nothing has changed in your itinerary and therefore we will need you to confirm your arrival back home. When you arrive home, you will have a detailed report of the days and times of the services we performed. In addition, since we are committed to providing excellent customer service, we will leave a customer satisfaction survey for you to complete and mail back. It’s extremely important to us that we exceed your expectations each and every time we care for your pet(s) and home.


We require that your pet(s) be current on their vaccinations (rabies etc). In addition, we recommend pets be on flea, tick, and heart worm prevention. We will obtain your veterinarian information at time of initial consultation.


If your pet is on any special medication, we can administer it for you. We are American Red Cross First Aid and CPR certified to care for the health of your pet. We will need specific written instructions on how and when to administer the medication. Oral medications are charged $2 per visit. Insulin injections are charged at $5 per injection. We are not responsible for pets refusal to take medications.


We will fulfill all scheduled services appointments rain or shine. When raining, we reserve the right to let dogs out into the yard only and excercise/play with them indoors for the visit duration. If there is light rain, we will do our best to take them out for their scheduled service. Circumstances that may prevent us from being able to reach your home include: hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, hail, and severe icy roads. We will make every attempt to arrive at your home at the scheduled time in spite of the weather. It’s our commitment to keep your pet happy, healthy, and safe.


We provide care for your pets on the following holidays: New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter, Mothers Days, Memorial Day, Fathers Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Day after Christmas Day. There will be a $10/day surcharge for these holidays to compensate our pet sitters for their time away from their own families.


Due to the extreme unpredictability of animals, Personable Pet Care cannot be held responsible for any unusual mishaps (i.e., pet’s refusal to take medication, escaping from the yard, biting, eating or destroying household items, damage to inside/outside of home, personal injury/accidental death). If client requests pet(s) to have outside access, client releases Personable Pet Care from all liability for loss, injury or death to pet(s). Client is liable for injury or damage to Third Parties.

Client authorizes Personable Pet Care to take photos of client’s pet for their file and for personablepetcare.com website. All photos taken are the property of Personable Pet Care.

Visit times are approximate and subject to change based on the needs of all pets under pet sitters care. Pet sitter is entrusted to use best judgment in caring for pet(s) and home, in the event of an emergency situation, inclement weather or natural disaster. Personable Pet Care will be held harmless for consequences related to such decisions.

In the event of injury or illness of your pet sitter, or other emergency circumstances where duties are unable to be performed, client authorizes Personable Pet Care to arrange for a back-up sitter to take over duties as outlined in this agreement.

Personable Pet Care reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time before or during its term if pet sitter determines that client’s pet poses a danger to the health or safety of herself/himself or others. If concerns prohibit petsitter from caring for pet, client authorizes pet to be placed in a kennel with all charges to be charged to client.

Personable Pet Care Pet Sitters agree to provide the services stated in this agreement in a reliable, caring and trustworthy manner. In consideration of these services, the client expressly waives and relinquishes any and all claims against Personable Pet Care except those arising from negligence or willful misconduct on the part of Personable Pet Care pet sitters.