Pet Sitting FAQ

What is at home pet sitting?

At home pet sitting is a service provided by a pet care professional that comes to your home to look after and care for your pets while you are away on vacation or business travel. The visits are tailored to your specific pets needs including time of day and regularity. You also have the added benefit of us looking after your home while you are away. We will bring in the mail and newspaper, adjust blinds,curtains, turn on and off lights, radio and TV and anything else you may need to care for your home.

Why should I use a pet sitter rather than board my pet?

While boarding pets is convenient for you it’s not necessarily the best option for your pets. With at home pet sitting, many of the disadvantages to boarding are gone. Your pet remains in their familiar, comfortable environment continuing their regular eating and ‘going out’ schedule while they wait for your return. Boarding typically is stressful on pets due to high level of noise by other dogs, cold hard flooring, and shared or close quartered cages. Pets may pick up foreign ailments like fleas or worse, contagious illnesses. All of this is avoided by using an in home pet sitter. Your pet will remain happy and excitedly awaiting your return. Read the facts here from The Humane Society.

What is an accredited pet sitter?

An accredited pet sitter is a trained, accredited professional who has demonstrated technical pet care knowledge and skills.

How is Personable Pet Care different from others?

Personable Pet Care’s staff are trained, certified professionals. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your pet is in the hands of a certified first aid and CPR pet care professional.  Our pet care professionals will be hired into a shadow program where they will be one-on-one trained with an existing Personable Pet Care professional. We take our profession seriously by staying abreast of current pet industry standards. We belong to several national organizations, subscribe to current pet care publications, and travel to attend annual pet sitter conferences throughout the year. Pets to us are like part of the family and will be treated with the utmost love and care as if they were our very own. You can rest assured knowing a certified professional is lovingly caring for your pet.

What can I expect when I sign up for service?

Before service begins, we want an opportunity to meet you and your pet(s). We will arrange and come to your home for a 30 minute to 1 hour complimentary consultation. During this time, we will go over our services, fees, questions you may have and gather necessary information needed to care for your pet(s) and home.

Are you insured and bonded?

Yes, we carry general liability insurance and bonding through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC.

Do you have references you can provide to me?

Yes! We understand opening your home for someone you don’t know personally can be a bit scary. We want you to feel like you can trust us and have full faith in us to take care of your home and pets. Just ask, and we’ll provide you with names and contact information of pet owners we’ve serviced.